Let’s do more good, together.
By taking care of everything behind the scenes, 501(C)PA reduces risk and improves financial wellness so nonprofits can spend their time and energy where it matters most: their missions.

We are a nonprofit, too! 501(C)PA depends on your generosity to provide the professional financial management and administrative services that help our fellow nonprofits accomplish their missions.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to 501(C)PA.

Your donation will support:

  • Hiring and training more nonprofit accounting specialists to allow us to accept more nonprofits into our collaborative
  • Subsidizing the one-time systems design and integration costs for nonprofits wishing to move their accounting data into our cloud-based MIP software
  • Annual software licensing costs for accounting, timekeeping, HR, financial reporting, project management and 990 preparation, helping keep our services accessible and affordable.
  • Website maintenance and social media support to communicate our services to nonprofits throughout the state, to facilitate applications for membership, to act as an educational resource for nonprofit management, and to recruit talented and community-service oriented accounting professionals.